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RoboCop (1987)

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Police are driving Taurus’s just like the original Robocop, but not in a product placement manner.
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Kurt Skifstad:
The original @RoboCop featured the then brand-new Ford Taurus & slammed the Pontiac 6000 - any auto product placement(s) in the new one?
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Jonathan Jenkins:
Either awesome product placement for the new #robocop movie or it's some form of cyborg #simulacrum
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Alex Horne:
Watching Robocop, has product placement ever been this ironic?
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@dresdencodak I thought #Robocop was a classic; then I realized it's just one big product placement for the 6000-SUX
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Martin K:
@BigELangston if @WWE knows their product placement, and they do, Ultimate Warrior will bust RoboCop out of a cage
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Donald Hindle:
@MatthewWRossi Robocop was a strange franchise. Product placement + cartoon Communists ripped from some Reaganite's fevered imagination
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Sure is a lot of Perrier product placement in this movie. #robocopvirgin
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There's a new Robocop movie coming out. There better be some BetterMade and Faygo product placement. #detroit #faygo #robocop
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"RoboCop" posted at Worst Product Placement #productplacement
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Watching Robocop. Can't believe the product placement!
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Great product placement in Robocop
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C est génial, Visa et Mastercard faisaient déjà du product placement dans Robocop
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