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Ice-Cold in Alex (1958)

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Carlsberg Beer
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@I_W_M #iwmfilms Ice Cold in Alex. Adventure, romance, product-placement, vehicles disguised as other vehicles, time-travelling Land Rover.
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@manstondrive @mattscout Ice cold in Alex - worth waiting for. One of the earliest examples of product placement in a film
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@BBCNaga I don't know what the fuss is about product placement has always been in films most famously Ice Cold In Alex
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Just watched "Ice cold in Alex' great film, makes me thirsty for a beer and maybe the first product placement ad in history? #Carlsberg
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Ice Cold in Alex- product placement? -
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'Ice Cold in Alex' what a title, what a film and i think th 1st use of beer product placement in cinema history.could go for a Carlsberg now
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Watched" Ice cold in Alex" lastnight. Classic war movie and probably first real product placement with carlsberg beer.
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