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Mean Girls (2004)

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Robin Meeks:
@davesmusings @uamagan So interesting! So mean girls. All about the product placement.
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Neil Linkletter:
@WhatTheFFacts If you think that's bad. Watch Mean Girls. The product placement in that movie is horrendous.
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In honor of Mean Girls 10 year anniversary here is some product placement #lacoste #coke #MKTG420B
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Jamila Allen:
There's so much juicy couture product placement in mean girls . Cady wears like five juicy sweatshirts
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Cassandra Go-rum:
Some nice @DunkinDonuts product placement in Mean Girls. Thanks film school.
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Mean Girls has the best product placement ever. #itslikeihaveESPNor something #wannagotoTacoBell? #inventorofToasterStrudel
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Watching Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2 with my teenage sisters. They mention CMU so often I'm starting to think it's a "product placement".
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Watching "Mean Girls". Pointing out all the product placement.
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And now #PassThatDutch on repeat. Damn you, product placement. #MeanGirls.
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Mean Girls has so much product placement in its unreal.
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Commercials for Toaster Streudel during 'Mean Girls' = Perfect product placement. Bravo, TBS!
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