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Fireproof (2008)

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Melissa C:
Watched Fireproof again last night and spotted some awesome product placement. Took care of that…
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Steve Pinone :
Had some chic fil a today. Fireproof getting the W for successful product placement
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Tim Lupo:
I think Fireproof is the only movie ever made to have a Chick-fil-A product placement.
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NATURALLY Fireproof uses Chick-fil-a product placement
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The chick-fil-a product placement in "fireproof" doesnt go unnoticed by me. Why am I watching this dreck?!?
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Music montage with Christian imagery. Check. Chic Fil A product placement. Check. Sooooooo bad. #fireproof
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Of course there would be @chickfila product placement in Fireproof!
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Product placement is scary! One minute I'm watching Fireproof, the next minute I'm in my car to get @Chick-fil-a. Glad I like chicken. LOL
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