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Wayne's World 2 (1993)

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John Galbunny:
@TheOldManClub Just watched Wayne's World 2 with Calgon's product placement. What a cool movie.
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Kick It Up A Nacho:
.@danacarvey Oh shit! Just a HUGE product placement shot of @RealCapnCrunch in Wayne's World 2! I just tweeted about the #crunchbunch. #Whoa
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@shaycarl this reminds me of the Wayne's world 2 scene with all the product placement
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Mark Robertson:
@the1headlander you're like an unfunny version of that product placement scene in Wayne's World 2
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Product placement. Like WaynesWorld2 @boatiepearland: @jimrome @KyleBrandt @ThomasJohn14 cmon Bubba! Diet coke???? Diet anything is lame
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Some of its product placement is like that scene from WAYNE'S WORLD 2 though... The Rolex and Heineken being the most ridiculous.
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#WaynesWorld2 product placement 101 lol
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