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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)

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The Harry Potter series doesnt feature any onscreen brands incase they dilute the core product placement of the series: Harry Potter itself
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I wonder how much Joann's Fabric is paying for Pottermore product placement.
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The only thing that remotely interested me about Harry Potter was Emma Watson wearing a Burberry mac at the end. Product placement much?!
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Harry Potter Product Placement #BUMP
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One thing I enjoy the #HarryPotter series a lot cos these are the least likely place for product placement.Only once with Converse;)
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Best of all Harry Potter got NO product placement NO!
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Last thing. I didn't think product placement was possible in #HarryPotter. WRONG. Dumbledore UNDOUBTEDLY sported #TOMS in his cameo scene.
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I get they have to do product placement but I was really uncomfortable with all the #HarryPotter Gas-X references.
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#HarryPotter final part: In 19 years later scene all actors look ridiculously young. It's NOT a mistake, it is Avon product placement:)
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Dear Old Spice, please use product placement in Harry Potter movies. Apparently the movie goers missed that lesson. Sincerely, sensitive ...
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“@OpieRadio: Didn't understand why Harry Potter was dressed in LL Bean clothes for the whole movie!” Product placement Opie.
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Heard there's a Bing product placement and Gene Simmons cameo in the new Harry Potter movie. Pass it on...
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