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What Women Want (2000)

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Cassandra Reed:
Watching the movie What Women Want makes me want to go on a run. I wonder what @nikewomen paid for that product placement
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Jennifer Hopton:
Nike did a brilliant piece of product placement for running shoes in the 90s film - 'What Women Want' - 'No games, Just sports' #genius
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Claire Rab:
Genius product placement #CoOp #WhatWomenWant #Snortpiglaugh
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What Women Want is an amazing movie, and like all others it encompassed some product placement space.. It takes place in an Adv Agency...
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A.G. Williams:
@thelindsayellis in your What Women Want review, where you saying characters are advertisers so product placement can be in their work?
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Alternative Way:
@toniasamsonova Вам бы What Women Want посмотреть - вот правильный product placement, а это - лажа какая-то ггг
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Watching ''What Women Want.'' Product placement for a DiscMan! Year 2000! I got the first iPod 3 years later. Crazy.
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