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Face Off (2005)

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Richard Houghton:
I just saw Shasta product placement on 'Face Off'. I guess they pitched a sweeter deal than Stars and Stripes Cola
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Shout out Shasta Cola for the epic product placement on #FaceOff Love me some Shasta!
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Geri Fletcher:
Nice Shasta product placement. Though some of them were drinking water. #FaceOff
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Melody Tunnell:
@pbeeton67 @lviper40_laura @lilhak420 @LoveLedUsAstray @ripley4664 Nice Kellogg's product placement #FaceOff. ;-)
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#FaceOff Boo on the unbelievably obvious product placement. O_o
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Popchips product placement #FaceOff
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It might be just product placement, but the fact that #faceoff is doing dishonored has all my hype.
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#faceoff is just one big Jesus product placement. Where is Mel Gibson?
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vizio tablet? man product placement much? lol #faceoff
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A major plot point in Face/Off hinges on discovering a terrorist plot loaded on a zip drive. Good product placement for a doomed platform.
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