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Jaws 2 (1978)

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@adbla001 @doksan thats 70s product placement for u. Fortunately Jaws2 has none of that,but it also doesnt have Dreyfuss or Spielberg either
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Ed Travis:
Plenty of Coca-Cola product placement in both JAWS 2 & 3.
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Giovanni Deldio:
Cereal product placement! ! #Jaws2
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COO Oso:
@CheeriosUK you gotta love @cheerios product placement in Jaws 2. #breakfastwithmonster
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1st up product placement in #Jaws2 [admission in itself] is 'holiday inn' and not 'Cheerios' as other Tweets spot.
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Mark Crehan:
The product placement in Jaws 2 is also excellent
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Chipped diamonds:
I wonder how much cheerios and fruitloops paid for that product placement in #Jaws2... #ITV4 #ITV #Advertising
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Jeff Konopka:
There's so much General Mills cereal product placement in JAWS 2, you'd think that @HorrorMovieBBQ wrote it.
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Most blatant product placement in movie history with those Cheerios there #Jaws2
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Indira Tara:
#Cheerios product placement #Jaws2 ha!
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Jeremy L.:
The days before product placement: Kelloggs and General Mills products in the same shot. (Jaws 2 on @amc)
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sooo much coke product placement in Jaws 2
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Nice product placement in Jaws 2. "Eat your Cheerios" - "I don't want Cheerios" - "your brother likes cheerios, you'll like Cheerios too"
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Coca-Cola are shameless with their product placement while kids are getting eaten #jaws2
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jaws 2 - great product placement Coke
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