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American Psycho (2000)

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Joshua Macintyre:
I'm reading American Psycho. SO MUCH PRODUCT PLACEMENT.
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Mylander Melvena:
concernant les tweets sponsorisĂ©s autant je peut ĂȘtre d'accord avec toi autant j'aime le livre product placement American Psycho :P
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Dean O'Brien:
I saw a review of American Psycho which criticised it for product placement. Couldn't have missed the point of the book more hahaha
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Louis :
The product 'placement' in American Psycho is becoming irksome and I am merely 30 pages in. Disastrous.
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Wizard Basement:
At the moment enjoy my witty jabs at American Psycho being written in a way that makes Kanye West's product placement laden lyrics look sane
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What is with all the name dropping in American Psycho? Product placement was not big back then. #monstermash
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