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Hotel Transylvania (2012)

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The most obvious Sony product placement was in the Hotel Transylvania short before the movie.
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The Lloydinator:
LOL Hotel Transylvania has a Sony cellphone and a Vaio computer. First time I've seen product placement in an animated movie.
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Allison Franey:
@ProfessorKHill I recently saw the new Hotel Transylvania. Sony Animation Studios had no shame in using excessive product placement.
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Retro Alf:
Yo! Hotel Transylvania got no chill when it comes to product placement!
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Steve Chaloner:
For a movie set in a hotel for monsters in Transylvania, Sony managed to squeeze a shitload of product placement into it.
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Acabo de ver Hotel Transylvania. Al fin una película buena de Adam Sandler en los últimos 5 años que no incluye product placement.
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