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Bullet to the Head (2012)

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Hannah Foell:
Remember when Bullet rye had a product placement in Bullet To The Head and it was like, "Niiiiiiice."
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The product placement for Bulleit Bourbon in Bullet to the Head is pretty funny
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Tom Stoup:
Also! BULLET TO THE HEAD today, totally buying in to the product placement tonight...
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I'm watching Bullet To the Head out of respect to Walter Hill who's an American God. The product placement of Bulleit bourbon is a bonus.
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#BulletToTheHead is a throwback to 80's action films (with very dubious Blackberry product placement), right down to nice gratuitous nudity.
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Product placement heavy Bullet to the Head has the line, "What are we, Vikings?" followed by axe fight. What writers set up Sly knocks down.
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Second bourbon brand product placement: Gentleman Jack #bullettothehead
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