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One Direction: This Is Us (2013)

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Ray Mamrak:
@Friendlys on #ThisIsUs is that product placement other companies need to start investing in. Watching commercials is a thing of the past.
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Natalie Rea:
Excellent product placement and in-car wifi shout-out on #ThisIsUs, @GMcanada!
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Tilda Donner:
Not even in Daniel Craig as Bond films did Tom Ford score so much product placement close ups as Sterling K Brown in his opticals. #ThisIsus
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Emily Pergament:
Already tired of clearblue product placement on tonight's #ThisIsUs and it hasn't aired yet
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@NBCThisisUs I see you with the good bourbon product placement in last night's episode. #Blantons
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WAIT: when Zayn has a nokia phone, why is he calling his mum with an iphone 5 in THIS IS US?
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♡ zoe ♡:
Mum said their was a lot of product placement in this is us
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Not Justine:
Nice product placement for This Is Us... i see you
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