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Hellboy (2004)

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Mark D. Scherz:
Ah yes, Baby Ruth product placement. Smooth. #Hellboy.
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Full Metal Alcoholic:
Product placement is crazy, like I seriously started eating BabyRuth bars as a kid because of the first Hellboy movie
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product placement breaks immersion. why does hellboy love that particular beer and candy. why do russian modders put coke machines into hl2
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Nicholas Payne:
The #Hellboy movie has some of the most gratuitous product placement I've ever seen. @redbull @oakley
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emily krauser:
The product placement in Hellboy is so distracting it's borderline impressive.
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There's so much Hellboy in the background of this movie I would knock off a point on @todayiwatched's product placement scale. #Antboy
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Andy Fitzpatrick:
Hey @DarkHorseBrewCo and @DarkHorseComics, picture this product placement: #Hellboy throwing back an Amber Ale. #DarkHorseNation
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hellboy el product placement más descarado de tecate... de novatos! puff!!
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Naja Later:
Interesting choice of product placement with Hellboy's Red Bull. The tiny can looks even more insubstantial in his giant red hand.
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I think it's funny that there's a RedBull product placement in the Hellboy movie. Coincidence? #ithinknot
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I feel like Netflix is marketing Babe Ruth bars to me. First Four Brothers and now Hellboy. Damn product placement.
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Photoset: Hellboy and Abraham “Abe” Sapien enjoying some Tecate. Hellboy complete product placement here.
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