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Ride Along (2014)

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Spotted product placement infomercials in Ride Along for @Dodge and @Nike, @KevinHart4real went into detail about Nike Dri-Fit #MKTG420B
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Studio City Mailbox:
I liked a @YouTube video Skullcandy Gaming Headset Product Placement in Ride Along movie
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Gilbert Molisalife:
Nice product placement for Dodge on Ride Along.
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Definitley not his best film @icecube @KevinHart4real was funny, but thats it.Mass product placement& inconsistencies #RideAlong #filmjunkie
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Hey @nike that was great product placement in 'Ride Along' and the Dri-Fit compression shirt.
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A Khan:
Ride Along: Funny, heartful, action-packed. Fantastic movie, with likeable characters and the best vehicular product placement ever.
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Cecilia M. Smith:
Caught Ride Along earlier. I now want a Charger. Thanks product placement.
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Major points to @Waze and #RideAlong – having Kevin Hart voice my gps is the best product placement ever.
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