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The Lion Men (2014)

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Kristie Loke:
The amount of product placement in "The Lion Men" is too high and obvious HAHA
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The lion men is funny but I cannot stand the overly done product placement! Roar!
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Augustine Lim:
The lion men movie is so super bad that you've got to watch it to believe it. It's like 2 hours worth of product placement #TheLionMen
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One of the worst things about The Lion Men is its absolutely awful attempts at product placement.
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Daniel Yao:
Lol heard from friends about #TheLionMen, that one how can be product placement? More like advertisement during the movie.
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barrel rider:
All the shameless product placement and advertising in The Lion Men movie haha.
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Don Koh ♛:
There`s so many brand`s product placement in The Lion Men movie. F&N, NETS Flash Pay, Dester Beer, 7UP, Universal Studio, Sentosa, etc
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Xiaoxuan Rylie:
Caught The Lion Men just now, it was oooookay except for the product placement/CGI/superhero scenes/blur Go pro overhead videos/love scenes.
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RT @YOOONGYOU: Too much product placement in the lionmen
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jamong ♥:
product placement in the lion men is equivalent to the nature republic in miracle of december not even kidding you
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#LionMen was delightful! Better appreciation of Lion Dancing. But WAY TOO MUCH product placement
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Lionel Yeo:
Okay, the product placement in #lionmen is just a liiiiiitle bit blatant, no?
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O m g the product placement ib The Lion Men is g r o s s
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