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Taken 3 (2014)

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If you watched #Taken3 then I'm sure that you have noticed the product placement of Charles Eames Chair in two rooms.
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Nadira Amrani|نادرة:
#taken3 is seriously the worst film. Product placement and Liam was sadly out of shape... Sorryy
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Ich bin ein dojo:
First product placement in Taken 3 is for Acer. Set the investment bar low for the difficult third outing of the decrepit vengeance monster.
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BlackBerry product placement in Taken 3 made me do a double take. Hello 1999.
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Mark Walker:
The fact Taken 3 can't hold a scene without changing the camera angle 285 times a second, makes all the product placement seem justified.
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BlackBerry Product placement in Taken3 even though they r legacy devices. You know the movie is hot when Forrest Whitaker is lead detective
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Philip Egan:
Good to see Newcastle Brown Ale get some good product placement in Taken 3 before it all kicks off in the offy
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Yuki Asaba:
The Arizona Product Placement in Taken 3 is amazing
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Jonathan Gilbert:
However much Porsche paid for product placement in Taken 3 was worth it, because holy shit do I want a Porsche now!
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Simeon Costello :
Dont watch Taken3 drunk. It will make you sick from 1: Hand held camera action scenes 2: The amount of product placement in those scenes
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Deanna Prats:
Just watched taken 3 good product placement from porsche! Very smart haha
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Jazmine Brown:
taken 3, aka how much product placement can fit into one film
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So much product placement in this taken3 still
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Jennifer Zhu Scott:
#LinkedIn product placement in Taken3 w Liam Neeson. Cheese, anyone? $LNKD
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Overrated Outcast:
(What if all the recent security breaches at the White House were just product placement for Taken 3?)
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