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Now You See Me (2013)

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Christian Gil:
I totally couldn't see that product placement #BMW #NowYouSeeMe
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Hannah Keller:
The worst part of 'Now You See Me' is the obvious product placement for Pepsi
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Now you see me #productplacement #pepsi #starbucks #mercedes #bmw @brandspotters
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Isman H. Suryaman:
Product placement imminent (RT @aldykusuma: Now You Sim Simi #rejectedNowYouSeeMe2Titles)
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"Now You See Me" è un buon thriller, effetti speciali grandiosi, cast d'alto livello, product placement come piovesse. Ma 8,50 € anche no.
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alex cook:
#NowYouSeeMe 6/10. good plot, fine cast, decent twist, only probs where impracical product placement and holes in the logics of some tricks
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Domenico Mercurio:
Now You See Me: Product Placement a gogo
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Product Placement? Yes, the 2013 #BMW 3-Series is getting its close up in #NowYouSeeMe
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