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Southpaw (2015)

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Theo Vukasinovic:
30 seconds into 'Southpaw' and there's horrific product placement, probably a sign it's going to be like every other predictable fight film
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Been watching Southpaw for 10 minutes and the product placement has pissed me off
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foolish overlord:
Shout out to Southpaw for having a Adidas headphone product placement rather than Beats.
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Stephen B.:
@50cent Great job with #Southpaw
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Southpaw was very generic. The only part of the movie that surprised me was the lack of Beats product placement.
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Just Leal:
The product placement in Southpaw is crazy.
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David Greisman:
There was tons of product placement in Southpaw. I’m just disappointed that Victor Ortiz, who was in it, didn’t apply Facelube to Billy Hope
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nv/White Book Agency:
Let's discuss the lone Vitamin Water product placement in the Southpaw movie (locker/green room)-like 50 left it on the, here..
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Michael Sporea:
So, @SouthpawMovie was okay-good for me. The product placement was too evident and the storyline teetered between good and too expected.
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Ms Bellagio:
Loving the @Eminem #AppleWatch product placement with @drdre on #AppleMusic #Southpaw #Phenomenal
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