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Goosebumps (2015)

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Minneapolis Maven:
BoomChickaPop, originated in MN, had a nice product placement spot in the Goosebumps movie!
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Jillian Hiscock:
Loved the @Boomchickapop product placement in @GoosebumpsMovie! #MNpride
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Jose Ryan Garcia:
Goosebumps was fun. Surprising lack of product placement for a big budget picture aside from, you know, Goosebumps.
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GF Go-To Guide:
Nice product placement for @enjoylifefoods, #giddyupandgogranola and @Boomchickapop in #GoosebumpsMovie #GF
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Lisa R. Loe:
Movies give me "Goosebumps" when: 70% product placement 25% acting 5% "WHAT?" when no extra scene after long credits
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Halie Branson:
Some nice product placement of Converse Allstars in the Goosebumps series
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Holyshit the goosebumps but the random product placement (nature republic) and the superpowers ahahahahahahhahahahah
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