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The Princess Diaries (2001)

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Watching The Princess Diaries and this film was made in 2001 and they have @NARSissist in there with some product placement! 2001 people ...
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@NARSissist had product placement in the princess diaries. That's 2001. I was sleep for so long smh
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deedee thomas:
I see some North Face product placement in the Princess Diaries lol
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Dainty Bride:
How have I only just noticed @NARSissist product placement on #princessdiaries??? #beauty #movie #productplacement
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Being an advertising major is ruining my life. I just spotted 15 examples of product placement in the Princess Diaries
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Leah Aspinall:
Nars product placement in The Princess Diaries
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Malori Bezet:
There is way more product placement in #PrincessDiaries than I realized! #NorthFace #Dasani #Nars
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