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Masters of the Universe (1987)

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Steve R Pufnstuf:
RT @FreddyInSpace: Gratuitous product placement alert. #MastersOfTheUniverse
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John Squires:
Gratuitous product placement alert. #MastersOfTheUniverse
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Dave Gordon:
#MastersOfTheUniverse product placement. #FridayThe13thPart5
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Emily Isaacson:
Burger King product placement! #MastersOfTheUniverse
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Jason Savell:
Wonder how much Charlie's Music Shop had to pay for that sweet product placement gig in Masters of the Universe?
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Josh King:
McDonalds paid top dollar for the Burger King product placement in #mastersoftheuniverse
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KFC used product placement in Masters of the Universe and now I kind of want to grab myself a bucket. #bythepowerofgreyskull
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totally tasteful and seamless Burger King product placement. #mastersoftheuniverse
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Matt Wallace:
Burger King! Product placement! I saw that! You're a sell-out, studio film based on a Mattel toy line! #MastersOfTheUniverse
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@BurgerKing product placement!!! Miss the old logo. #MastersoftheUniverse #Hemanmovie
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