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Now You See Me 2 (2016)

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The Mo Money Show:
wonderful product placement for @shakeshack $SHAK in NOW YOU SEE ME 2. Made me hungry!
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Usama Jawad:
Lol, so much Microsoft product placement in Now You See Me 2 (there's a Windows Phone as well) :P
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Microsoft product placement all over Now You See Me 2! That is so cool.
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Just seen #NowYouSeeMe 2. Great product placement by #microsoft. #surface #brandspotters
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Chris S Queen:
Now You See Me 2...Bad They Made The Film. Awful. Truly awful. Shameless product placement, flimsy story, patronizing & stereotyping. Bad.
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brian go:
A lot of #SurfacePro3 seen on #NowYouSeeMe2 ...... great product placement #Microsoft #MicrosoftPH
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Shawne Wang:
NOW YOU SEE ME 2 is sporadically fun & that's down to the cast. Plot isn't half as good as 1st film & takes back seat to product placement.
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Kedarnath Ravi:
@Microsoft product placement on #NowYouSeeMe2 featured Windows 10/Surface primarily and.. Internet Explorer rather than @MicrosoftEdge
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Adam Bolt:
@Nokiapoweruser Not sure if you have watched Now You See Me 2 Bit of a laugh for techies - Surface V iPhone product placement :-)
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