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Logan (2017)

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The product placement in Logan was ridiculous
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Rachel Webb:
Saw #Logan tonight. It was okay imo. Some good concepts & obvious product placement. I hoped that I'd enjoy it more but didn't. 3 out of 5.
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Lo Nguyen:
The product placement in Logan is so real... good movie though
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@Chrysler #1 most visible #productplacement #Brand in @WolverineMovie article: #Logan…
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Ouija Boy:
The product placement in Logan is UNBEARABLE it annoyed me so bad haha
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brandon rohwer:
The product placement for Taco Bell in LOGAN might be my favorite since Coke in WORLD WAR Z.
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I'm curious to know if Fireball whiskey paid for that product placement in Logan or the producers just used it as a symbol of rock bottom.
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Blue Cheese:
¿Cuánto habrá pagado Taco Bell por ese product placement tan forzado? #Logan
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Allen Glover:
For all its product placement, #Logan gets right to the present point: Big Pharma, Big Corn, Big Security - Big Everything runs the show. 1/
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Regardless of how fantastic as #Logan is (it just is), did anyone else find the product placement a little too blatant? Generally interested
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@mang0ld was the use of corn flakes a product placement in Logan because it made me eat corn flakes
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Manny Suazo:
think Chrysler read the joke about garbage chrome lugs on page 1 of the script when they signed on to do so much product placement in Logan?
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Devon Kolb:
It feels great to be back. (That product placement, though. #Logan)
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Andy ⓩ Chase:
OUTSTANDING product placement. #Logan
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Product placement from lefthandedwave in Logan Square @ Fat Rice
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