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Okja (2017)

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⠼⠊⠑⠇⠪ ⠯ :
Worst product placement in a while "Retina display?" amongst nearly every other apple product being shown on screen in Okja #Okja #Netflix
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Jan Hagemann:
#Okja ist ein sehr gelungener Film, aber das Product Placement seitens #Apple geht ja auf keine Superschweinehaut. #cannes #netflix
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Jonathon Deakin:
Product placement in Okja was awkward
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Schavuit ☠:
Didn't see any Apple product placement in Okja at all!
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Cleo B (as in LGBT):
This psychopath dialogue in the boardroom in Okja is so written by Jon Ronson it's like subliminal product placement for his book lol wow
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∞ Frames Per Life:
I don't appreciate the product placement in this OKJA sequel.
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Bong Joon-ho is one of my idols, but OKJA is easily his worst, marred by product placement, tons of exposition, clunky script & manic pacing
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Schrodinger's Cat:
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Elio Elio Elio:
Okja is gonna have to really win me over after this embarrassing macbook product placement. "A retina display"! I almost threw up.
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