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Daddy's Home 2 (2017)

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Trailer for #DaddysHome2 has a parent taking a photo with a @microsoft #WindowsPhone #950xl hopefully this is not a…
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there was so much product placement in Daddy's Home 2 it was unbearable #DaddysHome2
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Just seen #DaddysHome2 good movie I laughed and chuckled for 50% but xmas humour is dark I guess. The Turkey rifle…
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Daniel Farnell:
Went to the pictures to see #DaddysHome2 4/10 4 for the 4 times I laughed or smiled during the film. Really annoying product placement too
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Sean M. Love:
I wonder what type of blatant car product placement will be in Daddy’s Home 2. DH1 was shameless about it. Yeah, I watched DH1, HI HATERS.
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