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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

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Bob Castillo:
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was a movie ahead of its time. The amount of product placement is amazing. #fb
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Kevin Carson Ⓐ:
Of all the things to do product placement for -- Michelob, the shittiest beer ever made. #StarTrekIV
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Kayla LaFrance:
Star Trek IV - a fan favorite full of trek comedy and the first time we see product placement in StarTrek.
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Apple product placement really is inescapable. #StarTrekIV
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Star Trek IV: The Product Placement
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@ZacharyLevi I'm watching Star Trek IV. I'm surprised Pac Bell didn't last based on all the product placement there was in past future earth
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Favorite Apple product placement in a movie: Apple plus in Star Trek: The Voyage Home! #fb
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@spencerbarker star trek 2, 128k macintosh earlier product placement than you might think....
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this was the only chance to put product placement in a star trek movie. xD #michelob #startrekIV
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Star Trek IV: contrived time travel plot for the sake of unapologetic product placement, with a ship previously owned by Doc Brown.
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First Apple product placement in the movies?
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@jackstow Royalties, royalties. Some have used real ones as part of product placement deals in movies, like the Mac in Star Trek IV etc.
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I also hate Budweiser & Jack Daniels. Really hate product placement in a trek film!!!!!
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Star trek IV: we're tired of space so let's take kirk and spock to McDonald's to cut budget & make product placement deals #truerfilmtitles
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@Gartenberg You know, Star Trek IV had product placement for Michelob. Always seemed bizarre to me.
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