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Transporter 3 (2008)

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Carl Reid:
Audi A8 vs, Mercedes E class Transporter 3 clip: via @youtube Really Good product placement @rjohnlocke #DocDesign
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Transporter 3. Where an Audi A8 gets beat in a race by Jason Statham on a children's bicycle. Way to pay for that product placement Audi.
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Watched Transporter 3 and Prince of Persia last night. Both bad but Transporter was better despite all the product placement.
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Late night mindlessness - wound up watching Transporter 3, aka 2hr Product Placement for Audi. Jeez.
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Gledam transporter 3 film, vecji product placement audi skor ne bi mogu imet:)#transporterPP
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Such blatant product placement in Transporter 3.
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La elegancia del product placement en The Transporter 3 con los USP de Audi contra Mercedes es de excelente gusto.
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Superb product placement by Audi in Transporter 3
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@Carpervert Just don't bother seeing Transporter 2 or 3. Utter, utter cack. (1st one's ok though). Audi have dominated product placement.
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Transporter 3 is like one long Audi advert really... Product placement is fine but you've got to leave SOME room for story or action...?
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Huh. Transporter 3 has Top Gear magazine product placement. How odd.
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