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The Incredible Hulk (2008)

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Jasmine Hill:
I love non-subtle product placement in movies. Just put beat headphones on the incredible hulk who cares
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Davis McArdle:
Ed Norton in THE INCREDIBLE HULK uses some computer and, uhhh, Norton Antivirus pops up. The ultimate bit of self-product placement or what?
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Sunday 07.34 in the am and I'm watching The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton. Product placement/Easter egg alert :)
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Kevin Mark:
Norton Anti-Virus product placement in The Incredible Hulk. Failure.
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The Incredible Hulk #productplacement @brandspotters
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Can I just say how uber-clumsy the Norton 360 product placement was in The Incredible Hulk? Way too blatantly obvious.
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That was some pretty obvious product placement from Norton360 in The Incredible Hulk
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Good cameos, bad product placement. #TheIncredibleHulk
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"Incredible Hulk": terrible 1st half; 2nd half was awesome, but still too Hollywood (ie. "HULK SMASH!"). And WAY too much product placement
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@charltonbrooker Similarly to you Charlie I've just watched Incredible Hulk. Horrible 2 second Norton 360 product placement.
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Product placement is fun. #IncredibleHulk
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La cantidad de product placement en The Incredible Hulk (08) es descomunal! La publicidad del futuro, hoy. Pero sigue siendo una buena movie
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Nice SanDisk's product placement in the Incredible #Hulk #movie.
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Okay, Ed Norton's Incredible Hulk just had a blatant product placement for Norton 360. Give me a break.
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