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Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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Also, please tell me I'm not the only person who still references Leonard Part 6, when talking about product placement?
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@MonaLiNYC Haha. But to your credit, Leonard Part 6 did have that shameless Coca Cola product placement.
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@kgods00 I'm use to product placments. I've watched Leonard Part 6 and that is just product placement after product placement.
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@ebertchicago like when you both fell in total love with Fargo or tore into the product placement in Leonard Part 6 :)
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Also: holy crap is there a lot of product placement in this movie. Not Leonard Part 6 bad, but still!
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@sceneit What sporting goods manufacturer got some product placement during the obligatory musical montage sequence of Leonard Part VI?
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@ebertchicago Roger, here's @DAVID_LYNCH talking about product placement reminds me of yr review of Leonard Pt 6
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@Via_Valentine The most egregious display of undeserved product placement since "Leonard Part 6."
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LEONARDp6 17:10 - Jesus, that's a big f-ing sandwich... and a product placement bottle of Coke.
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Youtube vid of the day - Siskel & Ebert review Leonard Part 6 (1987). 1 of the first films with product placement?
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